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Telephone and Internet

Telephone and Internet The mobile network is very well covered and international roaming works very well. Cape Verdean prepaid sim-cards are available from 50 CVE (0,45 €). Mobile UMTS / 3G Internet is available from 500 CVE (8,01 €)/month with mobile operators CVMóvel and Unitel T + (T-mais). For example, Unitel T+ lowest tarif costs …

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Dangerous Animals

Dangerous animals There are no predators in Cape Verde, no snakes and very few poisonous animals. However, there are a few animals that you might want to watch out for, in case you come in contact with them. That is the case of the very rare Portuguese Man o’war (1). These are extremely hard to …

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Time zone

Time zone In Cape Verde the time is not changed between summer and winter. Therefore the difference to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during the winter time is minus 1 hour and during the summer time minus 2 hours. Get in touch with us! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


Religion Nearly 90% of the Cape Verdean population is Catholic, 8% is Protestant, and there are still small religious communities. The masses are held in churches. On the island of Santiago, the Rabelados are a sect that broke apart from the rest of the society back in the 1940’s. At this time, the Catholic church …

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Domestic flights

Domestic flights As of May 2021, Bestfly Cabo Verde is the exclusive airline operating domestic flights in Cape Verde with a fleet of two ATR72-600 aircraft, seating up to 70 passengers. The airline serves all islands except Santo Antão and Brava. Flights are short, between 20 and 55 minutes, but limited in frequency and usually …

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High and low season

High and low season in Cabo Verde Cape Verde is considered an all-season destination, that is, there is no “optimal” travel time – every season has its charms and peculiarities. Nevertheless, there are seasonal price differences mainly due to the Cape Verdeans returning home during the holidays. Please note that only limited quotas of flights …

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Transportation The main means of transport on the islands are the Aluguer. An Aluguer is a collective taxi (normally a Toyota Hiace), which can be stopped anywhere, to collect and drop passengers. There are fixed routes for these Hiaces and normally they will be stated on the side of the car. For instance, Praia – …

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Safety Cape Verde is considered a safe country to travel and is one of the three most stable countries in Africa. Political and social security is of great importance. Also, there are no religious conflicts in Cape Verde. The Cape Verdians are known for their willingness to help. Soul Tours is constantly informing you about the safety …

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Money The national currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE). The Cape Verdean Escudo has been firmly linked to the euro since 1999. The conversion ratio is 1 EUR = 110,265cve. At international airports and well-developed tourist areas you can also pay with (small) euro notes. Banks are open all day, except on holidays, from …

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Language The mother-tongue in the islands is Capeverdean Creole. This is a Portuguese based creole and is the oldest, still spoken, creole that exists. It is a full language by definition and not a dialect. The official language nonetheless is Portuguese. From island to island there are different creole dialects, in the north the “Sampadjud” …

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