Sunset in Tarrafal on the Island of Santiago, Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde is often called the small continent. Nine inhabited islands, each of them unique and fascinating.

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“When God was satisfied with creation he brushed his hands together.

The crumbs that fell from his fingers into the sea formed the Islands of Cabo Verde.”

Before you go on your trip, find out which of the islands offer you the impressions, experience and activities you prefer.

Boa Vista

The dream beach island


The flower island


The fire island


The forgotten island


The salt island


The creole birthplace island

Santo Antão

The green mountain island

São Nicolau

The spiritual island

São Vicente

The cultural island

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How we work

Our aim is to offer interesting and different kinds of tailor-made trips – off the beaten track. We combine Cape Verdean lifestyle with Swiss quality standards. We cultivate a gentle and sustainable way of traveling.

We choose our partners carefully and know most of them personally since many years. We closely involve the local population in our travel offers and want a positive exchange between travelers and locals to take place. Our focus is to work with small and local entities, because we believe that only they can provide a family environment and help you discover the true soul of Cabo Verde.

We organize your trip directly from Cape Verde and personally assist you before, during and after your trip. Our travel agents and partners are located in Europe as well as on all the main Capeverdean Islands.

If you like to travel in a sustainable and responsible way, be our guest!

How it all began

Soul Tours was founded in 2008 by the Swiss-Capeverdian Milton Gonçalves.

Prior to this, the trained insurance salesman worked for the DEZA (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).

During his participation in the Swiss reality TV show “Expedition Robinson”, the passionate traveller had the idea to found a travel agency for Cape Verde.

Know our values

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

Our trips have the highest possible quality. We make sure that no mistakes are made in the planning and execution of the trip.

We convey an authentic picture of the country, people and culture – no illusions and folklore.

We are always committed to honesty towards our employees, customers and partners, because they have a right to it.

Respect is the basis in dealing with employees, customers and partners. Only those who give respect will also experience respect.
We stand up against the sexual abuse of children and are members of THE CODE.

Just “sustainable” is not enough. We are committed to the regeneration of regions and their tourism.

We actively promote the environmental awareness of our customers, partners and employees.
We avoid the use of paper in our office and in the travel documents of our guests.
We prefer accommodation that respects the environment.
We are a member of the “Travelers Against Plastic” initiative.
We donate a portion of the profits from each trip sold to associations that actively protect the environment in Cabo Verde.

We work with small and medium-sized enterprises and thus promote local structures.
For every trip sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations in Cabo Verde.

Our customer advisors and support staff work independently of location so that they can travel themselves.

We adhere to our values and constantly reflect on whether we can adhere to them or implement them even better.

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Fishing in Cabo Verde

Fishing in Cabo Verde

Surfing in Cabo Verde

Surfing in Cabo Verde

Bird Watching in Cabo Verde

Bird Watching in Cabo Verde

Diving in Cabo Verde

Diving and Snorkeling

Hiking in Cabo Verde

Hiking in Cabo Verde

Bathing in Cabo Verde

Bathing in Cabo Verde

Hiking in Brava

Hiking in Brava

Hiking in Santiago

Hiking in Santiago

Hiking in Santo Antao

Hiking in Santo Antão

Hiking in Sao Nicolau

Hiking in São Nicolau

Hiking in Fogo

Hiking in Fogo

Diving in Sal

Diving in Sal

Diving in Santiago

Diving in Santiago

Diving in Boa Vista

Diving in Boa Vista

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