Hiking in Sao Nicolau

Ribeira Prata: Similar to Ribeira Prata in Santiago, this is a small village on the northwest of the island. Located a little above sea level, this picturesque village is the starting point for some amazing hikes leading up to Fragata and Fajã de Cima (~ 850 m). The hike up, although not extremely difficult in technical terms, is quite demanding on the legs, so bear that in mind before you go up.

Fragata: Fragata is a scattering of houses, sitting at the top of the hill that overlooks the valley on the northwestern part of the island. After a two to three hours hike up hill, you reach the small village, where you will surely find some locals on their way down. The way back to Ribeira Prata will take you between one or two more hours, depending on your pace and the quality of the roads.

Monte Gordo: This mountain has the highest peak on the island, at 1.312 m. From this point, on a very clear day, you can see most of the islands of the archipelago. On cloudier days, you should still be able to spot the closest islands of São Vicente, Santa Luzia and Santo Antão, as well as the little islets that surround them. The way up to the top can be done entirely by foot, or by car up until the entrance of the natural park – at around 600 m.

Cachaço: You can hike to Cachaço (~ 700 m) directly from Ribeira Brava, located about 5 km away from this village. You can also choose to get there by hiace or taxi and from there you can continue the hike up to Monte Gordo (1312 m). In a matter of a few hours and with clear marked trails, especially when you enter the national park area, you are sure to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the island.

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