Fishing in Cabo Verde

One of the main sources of food for cape verdeans is, aside the scarce agriculture of the island and the imported goods, fish. Everyday you can see small fishing boats coming in to the beaches and harbors of the islands to deliver the freshest catches of the day.

Most of the fishing is done by net, but you can still see a lot of them fishing with a single line. Sometimes even a fish as big as a 150kg marlin is caught with the line!

If you like to fish, or you would like to try, we suggest talking to the locals. After a friendly conversation you are sure to find a fisherman willing to take you on his boat for a day in the sea. You can ask your hotel or local contacts which fishermen are more used to do this job, to stay on the safer side and ensure they have the material to spare you some line and hooks.

Keep in mind that fishing is their livelihood, so a price should be agreed before the beginning of the trip. In addition to the small fee you will pay, it is very polite if you offer some of the fishes you may catch for them to take home. As they do this for a living, catching fish and throwing them back in the ocean is not usual, so keep all the pray you get and, if you are not thinking of using it, give it all to the fisherman.

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